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Riverdale & Upper West Side, NYC

 Psychoanalytic Training

I am a  graduate of the 4 year adult program in  Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP) in New York.  I was taught, trained and supervised by some of the most well-respected and seasoned  therapists  in relational, interpersonal and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  The addition of this modality to my masters and doctoral social work education has been transformative for me personally and professionally. Psychoanalysis today is very different than the psychoanalysis you might picture with Freud and a patient on a couch. I welcome you to visit the Psychoanalysis in Today’s World page today to get a better idea of how I use psychoanalytic theory in my work with people face to face.

 Masters and Doctoral Education

In 2001, I earned my Masters of Social work at the Fordham University School of Social Work .  My masters education was focused on clinical social work practice with individuals and families.

I completed my  PhD  in Social Work and Social Welfare at the Yeshiva University Wurzweiler School of Social Work (2005-2009.)  My doctoral research focused on midlife women’s well-being and culminated in my dissertation work entitled “The baby boomers meet menopause: Attitudes and roles.”

My Research:

My research has been published in such journals as Health and Social Work , Sex Roles, Journal of Gerontological Social Work and Maturatas.  My years of masters and doctoral study in social work has provided me with the ability to understand the relationship between theory and practice, knowledge and action.

Other experience I bring to  therapy in Riverdale & the Upper West Side

My work is enhanced by my  role as an educator  and adjunct professor at the Touro Graduate School for Social work.  In the process of  teaching, listening, challenging, encouraging and guiding young professionals in their work I become a better  clinician.  My role as educator is present in my practice as well.  I  am able to translate complicated human emotion and behavior for people in  therapy into understandable language. Therapy is a learning experience and part of my job is to help  people understand their story better and to effect real change in their life.

On a personal note, I have had a multi-faceted and diverse personal life experience that includes goodness & blessings as well as  profound losses & challenges. I have compassion and  understanding about   many sad  and difficult times adults face  throughout the life cycle.  I am sensitive to how individual  pain  impacts  individuals & couples and how individual suffering ripples into the texture and health of the entire family.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have by email, phone or text.

Psychotherapist in Riverdale & Upper West Side, NYC

Judy Strauss, PhD, LCSW, provides couples therapy, individual counseling, and help overcoming a midlife crisis from her NYC offices in Riverdale (The Bronx) and the Upper West Side. She also serves Yonkers, White Plains, Westchester, and the surrounding areas.

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