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(Therapy for a Midlife Crisis and Caring for the Elderly)

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Caring for the Elderly

“How to Care for your Children and your Parents without losing YOU”

Many of my midlife clients are concentrated on caring for others. Mid-lifers are a population at the front line of caring for the young while also caring for ill, elderly or frail loved ones, usually their parents The role of caregiver can be even more complex when it coincides with working.

The potential costs to caregiver spouses and adult children who are the primary caregivers for ill or frail loved ones encompass not only issues of depression and detriments to psychological well-being, but also can have adverse effects on physical health. The burden experienced by caregivers may be increased when caregiving strains are accompanied by high levels of family conflict and stress The well-being of adult child caregivers is associated, to a greater extent, with the levels of support and strain that they experienced in their relationships with their spouse and other family members.

On a positive note my research was built on a growing body of research calling attention to the positive, growth promoting aspects of caregiving. I work with midlife caregivers to find meaning in the role, and a sense of purpose. The experience of being in therapy at this time can potentially provide the caregiver with a sense of support, personal affirmation and can provide opportunity for personal growth.

To counteract family conflict around caregiving for an elderly parent I believe the caregiving role for mid lifers should be a family affair. To this end I work with individuals, couples, adult siblings and families depending on the circumstance of the elderly or sick loved one. Being in psychotherapy together with a spouse or sibling can protect family alliances and draw boundaries and practical ways of sharing the work to be done around the caregiving avoiding resentments later.

I keep up to date on resources including elder care managers, estate planners ,elder care lawyers, home health care agencies and other professionals to accommodate the needs of families who work with me. I help families to come together to arrange the supports and other legalities for care of a loved one before there is a crisis. If you are a mid lifer with an elderly parent or loved one choosing to plan now can be a life saving and cost saving move for you and your family.

Caregiver Family Therapy in Riverdale and Upper West Side, NYC

Judy Strauss, PhD, LCSW, provides midlife crisis therapy and caring for the elderly from her NYC offices in Riverdale (The Bronx) and the Upper West Side. She also serves Yonkers, White Plains, Westchester, and the surrounding areas.

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