Therapy for Men in Midlife

(Are you having a midlife crisis ?)

Common Reasons Midlife Men Come to Therapy


  • Anxiety about work (“ I need to work smarter and not harder”)

  • Divorce (“ My wife is leaving me and I don’t know where to begin”)

  • Lack of intimacy (“I don’t feel connected to my partner “)

  • Feeling Stuck  (“ Is  this  a midlife crisis?”)

  • Money (“Will I ever have enough to retire ?”)

  • Adult Children (“How do I develop a better relationship with my grown up child?)

  • Boredom ( “ I don’t have the same interests anymore”)

  • Communication (“I need to improve how I talk to people”)

  • Dating (“ How do I get back into being single again ?”)

  • Depression & Anxiety (“ I don’t feel right and I don’t know what it is”)

  • Aging and Health ( I was just diagnosed with an illness and I am scared”)

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